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The Long Haul

Eat, Train, Adventure

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I have always been interested in things. I love hearing about literally anything new and taking a cursory dive into what it’s community is all about. Even if I end up not wanting to keep digging into whatever random oddity I found at least I’ll know enough to have an interesting conversation someday. This entireContinue reading “Introduction”

Staying Motivated

Training for goals is time consuming and mentally taxing. There is no shortcut to performance and the necessary rigidity of a plan can be daunting. While there is a real difficulty with setting goals and building a training plan, an even bigger challenge is to stick with the plan for its duration. Since a planContinue reading “Staying Motivated”

Developing a Training Plan

I like to do things. Sometimes I like to do easy things and sometimes I like to do hard things. I have my fair share of comfort activities to help me unwind. I read comics and manga, I watch television and movies, I train, and I play video games. Within these spheres of activities IContinue reading “Developing a Training Plan”

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