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Jon Lewis

I have always been interested in things. I love hearing about literally anything new and taking a cursory dive into what it’s community is all about. Even if I end up not wanting to keep digging into whatever random oddity I found at least I’ll know enough to have an interesting conversation someday. This entire project stems from one of those dives into something that was new to me. I have developed aninterest in fitness training and big , physically challenging, unique goals over the last few years.

As many times as I have started learning about things and continued learning about them I have had a lot of experience reading information intended to inform. The dilemma I frequently end up in is that the available information always seems to skip from beginner to advanced. I feel like I never find that satisfying intermediate level information. More often than not I read enough beginner information to know that I want to keep learning but the usefulness of the beginner information runs out quickly. Naturally, I move on to finding the next level of information. Searching on the internet often leads me to more and more resources that are very beginner friendly or to books that have more information than I need or can use at that moment. I have found it rare to come across the level of information that I want to fulfill my curiosity and answer my questions without being almost overwhelming. This problem seems to be especially true in the world of fitness.

The bulk of quickly available resources for fitness on the internet are all tailored toward quick fixes or just enough information to get people to use whatever program they found. In these cases the programs that are found are essentially black boxes. Programs that you put in whatever effort called for with a predetermined result coming out. At no time do these resources tell you why you are doing what you are doing or how you can customize them for your own effort. These programs do not allow one to set their own goals or build a unique program with any value.

On the flip side if you want more information you often have to turn to books or to pay for coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are great since you have someone listening to you and tailoring a program for you but they can be cost prohibitive. Books are amazing resources but are often way more information than I want to go through to pick out the essential information I need to make an effective plan. It’s neat to know the difference between slow twitch and fast twitch muscles or the chemical pathways that allow iron to move oxygen through the blood but that granularity isn’t really helpful most of the time. What is helpful is knowing that you need to do various speed and intensity exercises or that you need to have iron in your diet.

What I have set out to do in this blog is to parse down as much complex information as I can into digestible yet still helpful information. The goal is not to be a complete intro for beginners that lacks use after only a short amount of time. It’s also not my goal to write a comprehensive textbook of sports science. Instead my goal is to be a repository of intermediate level information. I want to eliminate the feeling of a black box that so many advice columns seem to be while not being overwhelming to people that don’t want to have a food science or sports science degree. I am building a happy medium so that whoever reads this will have enough information to meet whatever fitness goal they set. This site is what I wish I had been able to find. Since I couldn’t find it; I decided to build it.

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